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Oliver Luke Delorie
Your Publisher

I have always wanted to be a pastry chef, so as part of my vocational high school work experience, I would get up at 3am, walk 45 minutes to the local bakery, bake for 4 hours, then go sleep through science class.

Since those formative days, I have cooked, baked, scrubbed and scraped my way from restaurants and retreat centers to food trucks and farmer's markets on my quest to share my love of things good to eat with others.

On one occasion, I marinated beavers and stewed Canada goose in mid-winter with weathered hippies on a tiny island. Munching on iconic Canadian mascots felt treasonous, but they were tasty!

Somewhere along the way, I began desktop publishing and promoting food security for international non-profit organizations, and WWOOFing and eventually teaching English overseas.

I love meeting the farmers, foodies, chefs and restaurateurs who make my favorite things to eat even tastier. In the spirit of sharing our edible bounty with locals and tourists alike, I wish you my most favorite cookbook sentiment ~ Enjoy!

Warmly, Oliver Luke Delorie